toronto island open Pro (Gold)

Toronto island open – Gold. Your PRO and ADVANCED SUMMER event.

About TIO Gold

TIO Gold is our annual PRO and ADVANCED event is a premier, professional and inclusive disc golf experience on Toronto Island that’s rooted in friendship, fierce competition and uniquely good times. Hosted on the legendary Toronto Island Disc Golf Course, the history of the event and the magic of the course can be felt by every player who steps foot to challenge themselves at the TIO. Year after year, we see player’s returning to this legacy event to cement their place in Canadian disc golf history.

How It Works

As always, we will be returning this summer for another year of Toronto Island Open – Gold fun! Date to be determined. This year, we are offering the following divisions for competitors: MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40, MA1, FA1, MA50, MA40, FA40, MJ18.

What To Expect

You can expect a player focused experience with a truly one of a kind spin on a professional disc golf event. Player intro’s that get you roasted and toasted on the tee by our pontiff or prodigious pose, the one and only Mr. Bee to start your round! This year, we are also planning a players party. Stay tuned!

As a tee time event, all players will be assigned a tee time for the start of their round 24 hours before each day. Arrive at tournament central a half hour before your scheduled tee off, and then get started.


Once a date is determined, registration will open via Disc Golf Scene. It will be a tiered registration based on ratings, so we can ensure the top rated players in PRO and MA1 get their shot at participating in TIO Gold.

Meet The Team

This year, the TIO Gold team includes Adam Hazel, Poppy Sanders, Jess Sparrow, Kim Scott-Wood, Kevin Sparkman, Phil Metz, Paul Belyea, Joel VanWyk, Jack Coney.