The honor of hosting this tournament brings additional responsibilities including added funding for facilities, permits, and players prizes. The success of our event rests primarily on the support of corporate and private sponsors. We invite you to meet the sponsors who contributed to the legacy of Toronto Island Open last year.

Title & Course Sponsors

Looking To Sponsor The Event?

Sponsoring the TIO means an opportunity for your brand or businesses to connect with a new audience.

Wide Audience Reach

By becoming a sponsor, your brand will gain exposure to a diverse and passionate community of players, spectators, and enthusiasts.

Increased Brand Visibility

Enhance your brand visibility and recognition, both during the tournament and in the pre-event marketing phase by being featured across our print and digital promotional materials.

Targeted Marketing Opportunity

Expand your reach to a highly engaged audience of outdoor enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, families, college students, and more!

Positive Brand Association

Aligning your company with the TIML to send a powerful message about your dedication to healthy outdoor activities, community involvement, and a commitment to disc golf.