About The tiO

If you take a deep dive into the history of disc golf in Toronto, you’ll see that before there was the Toronto Island Maple Leaf, there was the Toronto Island Open, an event that has seen many champions come and go. 

Dating as far back as 1984, Toronto Island Open brand has a rich history of disc golf featuring legacy superstars and local legends such as Jim Ola Pay, Elaine King, Eric Vandenberg, Brad Schick, Juliana Korver, Avery Jenkins, Brian Guru Hoeniger, Steve Schultz, Brian Mace, Steve Brinster,, and Kim Scott-wood to name a few.

So this year, we’re taking it back to the roots. 

To honour the history and heritage of disc golf events on Toronto Island, the Toronto Island Maple Leaf is now officially called the Toronto Island Open. 

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Our Mission & Vision

The mission? To provide a premier, professional and player experience focused disc golf event on Toronto Island that’s rooted in friendship, fierce competition and uniquely good times.

The vision? To develop Toronto Island Maple Leaf disc golf into a globally-recognized destination disc golf event powered by the player experience, media and sponsor relationships, and community involvement.

The TIO has raised the bar of what to expect from a top notch disc golf event.

Furthermore, it has served as an example to TD’s across the province and country of what a disc golf tournament in Canada can be. Whenever I step foot onto the Island, I feel the history and prestige of disc golf there. I have been fortunate to play in every TIML to date (Intermediate, Advanced, Open, and Open Masters divisions) and I hope to be able to continue to be a part of the great tradition and legacy of the Toronto Island Maple Leaf.

Greg Grootenboer

PDGA # 39668 - TIML MP40 Champion